Thursday, 15 May 2014

Barry M Sequinned Nails Effects

Barry M Sequinned Nail Effects polish have been out a fair while now, so we're a bit behind the times. However, we just got our hands on a pair of the polishes, so thought we'd give you a little review. 

I hadn't thought much about these polishes before trying them out, so wasn't expecting anything in particular, but what I found surprised me! Both the pink and white are quite sheer and filled with the same multicoloured glitter pieces. In the bottles they remind me of indie polishes. The strange part is that the polish is also textured! However, because the polish colour is so weak, you can actually see the textured pieces - they look sort of sugary!

For the swatches I used a thin base coat of white polish and two coats of the sequinned polishes. Due to the dense mix of glitter and textured pieces the formula of this polish is quick thick and a little bit odd. The textured pieces make the glitter a bit more difficult to use and most of the pieces won't lie flat. 

As the polishes are textured I wasn't sure if I was meant to use them with a topcoat or not. For the swatches I have added topcoat to my four fingers, but left the thumb without to show you how it looks. In my opinion a top coat is a must! You may need a few coats as, with all textured polishes, the first coat tends to sink in a little. 

Overall I like the polishes as they're fun and totally different. They're like a mixture between Barry M's textured polishes and glitter mixes, and I've never come across another polish like it! But, I think you'll all agree that a top coat is essential, sorry Barry M, we're not in love with the textured element. 

Have you tried these sequinned textured polishes?



  1. Cute! I really like these with top coat (without top coat they look quite odd, like Barry M sprinkled sugar on top of the polish or something) I really like the effect this polish has on the glitters when it's layered :)

    1. The top coat definitely improves the look. These polishes were slated when they first came out but we think the effect is quite nice when it's smoothed out. E&J.xx

  2. I've never seen them before:) Great polishes - white's perfect:)

    1. The white is very pretty, it shows the glitter really well. Perhaps they should have made it without the texture. E&J.xx


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