Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What The Angels Eat

I'm not sure if Mark Twain was right when he said “when one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat” as I have never been a huge fan of the taste but they sure do look cute. Like my palm tree mani I found inspiration for these watermelon slices on Pinterest. I knew as soon as I saw the print that I had to try it on my nails.

Watermelon.I used Barry M's Rosehip* as the base for this look as it is a really soft pink that wouldn't intrude on the pattern too much. For the melon slices I drew some white triangles using my Barry M white nail pen and then used a small brush to add Barry M's Grapefruit and Mint Green. To finish I used my black nail pen to add the pips. Experience has taught me to take a pic of my mani before adding something that I am unsure of hence why I have one with pips and one without. I'm not sure which is my fave - I quite like both

Which version do you prefer? Pips or no pips?


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  1. So cute! Well, if watermelons can be considered cute - they can, right? I'm a big fan of watermelons, I loooove eating them in the summer :) This design looks really nice, I think I have a slight preference for the version with the pips but I like the other version a lot as well :)

    1. We definitely think that watermelons can be considered cute! Seems like most people prefer the pips version - we are still undecided! E&J.xx

  2. This is so cute!!! I hate watermelon but love it in nail designs! lol does that count? haha

    1. Me too! It's too watery and has an odd texture. But it looks mighty cute on my nails! Emma.x


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