Thursday, 24 April 2014

Then and Now: Cath Kidston

Recently Emma found an old nail art design and recreated it to see how much difference there was between then and now. I was jealous so wanted to have a go too!! 

One of our earliest blog posts was a Cath Kidston inspired design which I created for a colleague. It's still one of my favourites so I wanted to see if the last six months of nail painting and blogging practice could produce an improvement. 


I used all the same colours for the recreation, but a few different techniques:

  • Polka dots - I used a Barry M plastic nibbed pen instead of a metal nibbed pen. This made it easier to achieve even dots and they are less likely to smudge with top coat.
  • Ring finger - instead of individual roses, I grouped smaller flowers together in bunches and filled the spaces between them with leaves. This looks much more natural and it's easier to get good coverage on the nail.
  • Middle finger - I was disappointed originally with the uniformity of the central white shape on this nail. For the recreation I used a large dotting tool to create a scalloped edged circle and filled in the centre. This is a vast improvement and is a technique I'd use again. The surrounding dots are still not perfect, but they are much more evenly spaced and sized. I actually believe that the rose on the original design is better than on the recreation, but I think that's more down to luck than any skill! 
  • Top coat - after testing many top coats I've found that my favourite so far is HK Girl by Glisten & Glow. This polish doesn't smudge the nail art and gives a perfect smooth surface and high shine finish which really adds that little bit extra to your design.


I was pretty happy with this design the first time around, and wasn't expecting the recreation to be vastly different. There are, however, a lot of small differences which come together to create a much more professional mani all round. It's also clear to see that, even if nothing else, my photography skills have improved greatly! 

Don't worry, we haven't run out of ideas and just started to re-use old ones, there are plenty of new designs coming up for you! 

My index finger nail would like to apologise for its current appearance, it's been in the wars this week. 


P.S. We were kindly asked to write a guest post for The Sequined Nail and it's live today!! Go check out what we got up to with leopard prints...


  1. Okay I already thought the "then" one looked amazing, but the "now" looks even better! It's indeed small changes like the dots that are more even :) I really like this Cath Kidston design - I made a painting with that rose pattern on your middle finger so I'm a big fan of this print!

    1. We never get bored of this and other Cath Kidston prints. Glad to hear that you're a fan too as no doubt we'll have more coming up. E& J.xx

  2. Oh my gosh! I love these nails, and I have had the exact same snap this week… :/
    Little Red x

    1. It's so annoying when you get a break on your swatching hand! It always seems to be in that place too - grrrr! E&J.xx

  3. I found your blog thanks to Janya and I'm officialy in love!:) Love your ideas!:)

    1. We're glad you found us! We love Jayna's blog. E&J.xx

  4. Omg amazing nails. Would try to attempt this but would not come out as amazing as yours


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