Thursday, 10 April 2014

Then and Now: Aztec

In January of last year I was just getting into my nail art and posted some aztec designs over on my other blog (Dahlia Nails did not exist back then). I was flipping through some of the Pinterest pics for that blog and came across the post and couldn't stop laughing. Looking at these pics now I feel a bit embarrassed as I thought I was so good back then! Look at how shaky and crooked the lines are! 

Now a good work-woman should never blame her tools but the Topshop pens I was using back then are still difficult to work with. I like the thin line they give but it is very hard to get them to give perfectly straight lines as they get caught on the base even when you've left it to dry. 
I think a big part of the improvement is the condition of my nails. Being obsessed with nail art and having a blog where my left hand is constantly on display has made me take much better care of my hands. I always wear a base coat now which has made my nails stay long and strong. I have also stopped cutting them so much and filing them into shape more which I think has improved the overall strength. 

In recreating this look I used exactly the same base colours - a selection from H&M - and drew the design on using my Barry M nail pen. My lines still aren't perfect but the difference in one year is quite astonishing. I was really shocked at how different my nails look now compared to then. I guess the old adage is true - practise makes perfect! 

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  1. I didn't realise you had another blog! Your nail art has come such a long way! I love your detailed tribal design - it must have take you a long time to do! :)

    1. Nothing I do takes too long as I am sooooo impatient! Before I use the nail pen I use Seche Vite to make the base dry quickly. Emma.x

  2. Great improvement! Now I must say that I also think the old version of these tribal nails look pretty awesome! I could not have pulled that off when I had just gotten into nail art :) I also loooove the brown base colour on your thumb! I'm normally not so into brown polish but that one just really speaks to me for some reason!

    1. We don't usually like browns either but this one came in a set of three polishes at H&M (with the yellow and blue in this mani). It has a shimmery finish which is quite pretty for a brown. E&J.xx


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