Friday, 4 April 2014

Special Superdrug Birthday Edition Barry M

Superdrug Birthday Nail Paint*
Superdrug is soon to be celebrating it's 50th birthday and what better way to mark the occasion than with a special edition Barry M nail paint? When this landed on my doorstep I let out a little cry of excitement as I love a good glitter polish which is odd as I used to absolutely loathe it. This one from Barry M is really fun. It has flecks of pink, purple, and white circular and hex glitter which layer up to give a really pretty texture. The pink is, I assume, in homage to Superdrug's branding and is a beautifully bright fuchsia. Great for summer. 

The pink/glitter combo might be a bit much for some people but I think this would work well as an accent if you weren't keen on completely girlifying (is that a word?) your nails. I have been a bit busy at work this week but I will post some nail art with this shade very shortly. 

You will be able to buy this polish exclusively in Superdrug stores from April 9th, priced at £2.99 each.



  1. This is such a fun polish! I love the glitters and the super pink colour!

    1. So fun! When the light catches it as well it looks really gorgeous. E&J.xx

  2. Ahh I'm so jealous! Absolutely can't wait to try this polish, been loving all the swatches so much!
    Sarah xx


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