Saturday, 5 April 2014

Marathon Nails

This weekend is the Paris Marathon and a good friend of mine, who you may remember from previous posts including the New York Marathon, is running it! Charlie asked if I would be interested in painting her another set of go faster nails, along with five of her running/blogging friends. Obviously I said yes!

It was quite a challenge as we had to get all six sets of nails completed in one night and Emma was working so couldn't help out - cue panic! I have to admit I was nervous we'd be there all night, but thankfully we got it done within sociable hours. If you're wondering 26.2 miles is the marathon distance, which is why it features heavily in today's designs! It was a marathon painting session, and this is a bit of a marathon blog post, so bear with us!



Sian (aka @london_runner) - Sian chose the typical French colour scheme of red, white and blue for her nails. Both thumbs were painted in the style of a French flag and cute Eiffel towers, a croissant, and the marathon distance were framed by classic polka dots. My favourite part of this design is the croissant, I can't believe how well it came out! Good luck Sian! 

Leah (aka Naturally Leah) - Leah went for a pastel pink and glitter combo with the same designs on both hands. For her accent nails (can I still call them accents if there are three on each hand?!) she chose Eiffel Towers, I Heart Paris, and 26.2. I was so pleased Leah chose Models Own Pink Fizz glitter as it's my fave! Good luck Leah!

Charlie W (aka The Runner Beans) - Poor Charlie was acting as host for the evening so had to wait til last for her nails. Thankfully I'd been using my Barry M nail pens which you don't have to squeeze, so I could still feel my hands when her turn rolled round. Charlie opted for French flags on her thumbs, an Eiffel Tower and 26.2 as accents and floral stripes for the rest. I can't get enough of florals at the moment and am totally in love with Charlies! Good luck Charlie!

Lissy (aka Lissy Runs) - Lissy was first up, meaning I hadn't had much practice at drawing Eiffel Towers, despite this I thought hers turned out really well (phew!). Lissy chose the red, white and blue theme with additional croissant and 26.2 accents and polka dots on the thumbs. Good luck Lissy!

Zoe (aka London & Me) - Zoe is a marathon runner, but is unfortunately not taking part in the Paris Marathon due to injury. Instead Zoe is supporting her boyfriend as he runs not only the Paris Marathon but an additional 7 marathons, culminating in London next weekend. That's 8 marathons in 8 days and I have officially certified him insane! To represent this journey Zoe went for one hand of French themed nails and one of London. I've not done London nails before so, as a Londoner, this was really exciting! Good luck with the journey and get better soon Zoe! 

Charlie B (aka Run Round Town) - Charlie will not be heading over the channel to Paris this weekend, but instead is running the Manchester Marathon. Charlie came with a special request for unicorn nails, and as neither of us could think of a Manchester design, we went for it. We've done this design on the blog before, but it was originally inspired by the stars over at I Scream Nails. Charlie chose neon pink to match her running outfit, and yellow and purple are Manchester Uni (where Emma & I met) colours so we threw them in too! Good luck Charlie!

I am in absolute awe of anyone who can carry their body 26.2 miles on their own two little feet so please join us in showing your support to these wonderful athletes. We hope you all have a wonderful time completing the race(s), with some extra good luck to those of you first time runners! Hope your nails spur you on ladies!

Which set of marathon nails are your favourite?




  1. I love all of the designs - I can't decide which one I like best! Good luck to the girls running - I'd never be able to do a marathon! :)

    1. Tell us about it! The idea of running 1 mile is terrifying, let alone 26. E&J.xx

  2. Wow I know I wouldn't be able to run a marathon! Good luck to everyone :) My favourite nails are Sian's - I just adore that combination of colours and designs!

    1. It's a tough choice but I think my faves are Sian's too. The darker blue and red with the white is such a classic. Emma.x


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