Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Greenberry Pineapples

Greenberry is one of my favourite colours for summer as it's a bit of a brighter twist on a mint shade. I went for a simple pattern over it today to let the colour really stand out. Who can resist a pineapple print? Not me, that's for sure! I used my Barry M white nail art pen to draw on these easy pineapples - just draw some small oval outlines, do a few criss-crosses, and add a sprouty stalk. Simples! 

Have you created any pineapple nail art? Leave your link below, I'd love to see. 



  1. Yeey pineapples! I should try and do these sometime, I love fun prints like this in nail art and you make it sound so simple :) Greenberry also looks gorgeous!

    1. We can do a tutorial for these if you think it would help? Both of us love Greenberry, it's such a good shade for this time of year and into the hotter months. E&J.xx


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