Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dinky Daisies

The sun is out, yay! We are so inspired but this spell of good weather we've been having in London recently that we've got tons of summery designs for you. If you aren't already bored of florals, we've got some more for you today!

I love florals and all the different ways they can be incorporated into nail art, honestly, the possibilities are endless! I don't usually go for a uniform floral design as I think they look more natural a bit uneven. However, for today's nail art I used a polka dot format as a base, but instead of dots I used daisies! 

To create this design I started with a base of gorgeous blue Baker Street from Nails Inc. This colour is just stunning for summer and I love the formula, it dries so quickly (and bizarrely slightly matte). 

For the daisies I began with a framework of dots, spaced quite far apart to allow for petals. I just used my Barry M nail art pen, but you can use any nail art pen, or a dotting tool. Once I'd lined up where all the daisies would go, I added the petals to each dot. All you have to do for this step is add a circle of 5 dots around your central spot and it will create a flower shape. Finally, I used a yellow Models Own nail art pen to add a yellow dot in the centre of each daisy. I'm really sad as these didn't show up very well on the photo, but in real life they looked super cute!

This design would be perfect for a girly festive look, or any time during summer really! Choose your favourite colour as the base to adapt it easily to your style and wardrobe. Are you a bold and bright person or would you have your daisies over a softer pastel polish?



  1. These are so cute! I love your base colour and I can't get over how tiny the daisies are! Normally I'd do a daisy design over pastel polish but I love this brighter look so much! :)

    1. We have a more 'traditional' daisy look coming up on a pastel base but agree that they look better on a bright blue like this. Especially for summer which is soooooo close! E&J.xx


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