Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Blue Blooms

So by now you may have guessed that I like floral nail designs. I started off with Cath Kidston-esque roses and have steadily grown my love from there. I do find it quite amusing that my two favourite designs are floral and geometric, possibly as dissimilar from each other as possible! Maybe the florals is my feminine side trying desperately to break free?! Alex, I think you've finally succeeded in your mission to turn me into a real girl! 

This design was loosely inspired by blue floral china. I just love the rich deep blues they use and how gorgeous the flowers look in dark blue. For the base I have used the palest blue I have (to make a change from white!) which is Models Own Blueberry Muffin. Onto this I layered up various blue shades using a dotting tool and small brush. I clustered the blooms together and dispersed them evenly across each nail. Finally I added some foliage with two different green polishes using a small brush. 

The wonderful thing about florals is that they can be messy and don't have to look perfect, as this just makes them look more natural and lovely. I like to use a few different shades for the flowers as well as a couple of different greens for the leaves as this gives more depth to the design and it looks more realistic. With tiny flowers like these I don't bother with outlining petals or anything so they are super easy!

We would love to see if any of you give these a go. Please share your creations with us via any of the social media buttons to the right!



  1. Wauw these look really great! I love how you made the leaves with the different greens, there's a lot of depth in the design!

    1. Thanks Robin! We like to try new things with our florals to stop them from looking too samey. Glad you liked them. E&J.xx


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