Tuesday, 4 March 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

When I saw these River Island shoes I instantly wanted to recreate the print on my nails. Whilst it was tempting to try a different colour combination for these nails I just loved the original too much to stray. 

I created this look in the same way as my Aloha nails. Tutorial here. I painted on my base colour (Barry M's 'Cobalt Blue') and then drew the lemons and leaves with my white nail art pen. I then filled in with the yellow (Barry M's limited edition yellow from last summer) and green (Max Factor's 'Cactus Green'). I used my white nail art pen for some highlights on the lemons and then outlined everything using a black nail art pen.
I love a bit of fruity nail art but tend to stick to pineapples and bananas so it was nice for a bit of a change. I really liked how these turned out and was devastated to have to take them off but I will be definitely be wearing them again in summer (if I can persuade Jo to do my right hand). 



  1. These are so fun! I love that you placed a bit less lemons on your nails (the shoes are quite full of lemons so the blue background isn't so visible - or it looks like that in the picture anyway) because I just love that blue polish you used! I'm really getting a summery feel right now! :)

    1. Thanks Robin! We think they would look great with a little white dress in summer. The lemons are full on on the shoes and we love the blue too so wanted it to show through a bit more. E&J.xx


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