Wednesday, 26 March 2014

We've Got A Sweetie Crush

This is Rimmel's new textured collection - Sweetie Crush. The range includes five bright and sugary shades: Voilet Swizzle*, Candyfloss Cutie*, Sherbet Sweetheart*, Fizzy Applelicious* and Blueberry Whizz* - standard brilliant names from Rimmel HQ, although I'm having a nightmare spelling Applelicious! Rimmel describe the collection as 'Textured, sparkling, sugar sweet nails' and we certainly agree!

L-R: Violet Swizzle*, Candyfloss Cutie*, Sherbet Sweetheart*, Fizzy Applelicious*, Blueberry Whizz*

I'd seen a few swatches of this collection before I got my hands on it which didn't fill me with much hope. The colours looked a little translucent, and not as bright as the advertising would suggest. However, those swatches gave me the idea of using a thin coat of white polish as a base in order to brighten the colour, a tactic I often use with fluoros to really bring out the brightness. This seemed to make all the difference as when I swatched the polishes the colours came out really nicely! They are a little thin so I used three coats of each, and no top coat, in the photo above.

The polishes have a sugary textured finish which is great fun for summer, and adds something a little different. You can also add a top coat, if you prefer a gloss finish, although you may need two coats as with all textured polishes it tends to sink in a little on the first coat. The glitter in the polish makes it sparkle in the sunshine and each of the colours catch the light a little differently. 

I have to admit this collection is not something I'd wear regularly, being in my *cough* late twenties, but I imagine a younger audience would go mad over it. A perfect little present for any younger nail polish fans.

Sweetie Crush are out now across the UK with an RRP of £3.99 per polish. 

What do you think of the collection? Are they on your wish list?



  1. I got Candyfloss Cutie a few weeks ago :) But it's still on my untried pile to be honest (so many polishes, so little time). Fizzy Applelicious and Blueberry Whizz look really great as well!

    1. Oh gosh - we have a nice pile of untrieds in our collection too! Blueberry Whizz is quite cool, really bright which will be fun for summer. E&J.xx

  2. The bottles for these are so cute! Using white nail polish underneath is such a good idea! I think Blueberry Whizz is my favourite! I have to agree with you though, these aren't something I'd wear on a regular basis either :)

    1. The white really helped bring the colours out. We have seen other swatches where the colours look a bit sheer. E&J.xx

  3. They're quite cute! I thought they might need a few coats though which is a little annoying. Love the Violet Swizzle colour though :)

    Jennie x

    1. This was two coats over a white base coat which worked well but they aren't quick put on and go kinda polishes! E&J.xx


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