Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Leopard

Spring is on it's way, and that means baby animals are starting to arrive! Who saw the Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub revealing his own name (video here)? Super cute! To celebrate the cutest time of year I created a pastel leopard print mani.
This is an all-Rimmel creation using the following polishes. Base: Little Bo Peep (very apt name!), spots: Peppermint, Ultraviolet and Cocktail Passion. I often do leopards in darker colours or using glitter, so it was a nice change to put together a softer colour pallet.

I added the spots using a dotting tool, rather than the polish brush, to get smaller spots for a more tightly packed leopard print. Emma laughed at me yesterday as I excitedly told her that I've finally worked out how to use a dotting tool properly. I used to dip the tool into the pot of polish which left it heavily loaded and caused splodgy, uneven dots. This time I tried putting a small dab of polish onto a piece of foil and dipping the tool into that instead. This method just applies polish to the bottom half of the tool meaning it's spread more evenly and I could create perfect dots easily. I was amazed! Also, slightly embarrassed it took me this long to work out how everyone else was finding dots so simple when I couldn't get the hang of it at all! Get ready for an influx of dotty manis now peeps :)
Have you mastered the dotting tool?


  1. Haha, you had a very unique way of using a dotting tool! Super cute manicure! And that polar bear looks so cute, it's so funny how he just keeps sitting in front of the sign so we can't read his name until the ending :)

    1. Unique is a very nice way of putting it! We think he was doing it on purpose! E&J.xx


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