Monday, 31 March 2014

Speckled Fade

When the Speckled Egg collection first came out there were tons of swatches around, but one really caught my attention. Caroline, aka Burkatron, had combined two of the polishes to create a fade and it looked absolutely stunning (check it out here)! I even overheard people talking about Caroline's design in a Models Own Bottleshop last week! I felt inspired to create a speckled fade of my own.

The mint, Magpie Green, is my favourite of the five shades (trust me that was a tough choice!) so I knew I wanted to use it. It took a while to choose a companion but eventually I opted for Goose Yellow as I thought this would create a nice summery, almost fruity, look. I call this the Magpoose fade, or maybe it should be a Goopie? 

As the yellow is the paler polish I started with two coats of it to form the base. Once this was dry I added a swipe of green along the cuticle and then pulled the colour up across the nail with the polish brush (wiped clean). To get better colour density and gradient I repeated this process again, but didn't pull the polish up as high the second time. Some of the nails needed a couple more dabs of yellow to improve the blending, but I was surprised how easily the colours fed into one another. 

Using a speckled polish gives a basic fade a bit more kick, and I didn't feel the need to add any nail art or other embellishment. I'm tempted to start trying fades with things like textured polishes, or glitters, what do you think?

Thanks for the inspiration Caroline!



  1. This speckle fade looks amazing! I love the combination! I think Magpie is my favourite from the collection too! I'd love to see you try glitter or textured fades! :)

    1. We might have to try some other fades then! It was really hard to choose a favourite but Magpie just reminds us of mint choc chip ice cream - good enough to eat. E&J.xx


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