Friday, 21 March 2014

Speckled Aztec

I love the Models Own Speckled Egg collection. The colours are a beautiful mix of pastels, and the specks make your nails look like cute little mini eggs! As soon as I saw the collection I started planning nail art designs. 

I liked the idea of an all white design with peeks of colour showing through from underneath. To create this mani I started with a 'skittle mani' meaning I painted each nail a different colour. I used two coats of speckled egg on each nail to achieve a good colour density. Once this had dried I added two stripes of tape to each nail to mark out the central column. I then carefully filled each side with white polish. I used Models Own White Light Hypergel as it's quite thick so covered the black specks well. I did contemplate leaving it as it was, but couldn't resist adding a little Aztec into it to tie the two white sides together. For this I just used a nail art pen, but it wasn't behaving very well which is why the lines are irritatingly blotchy!

I'm really pleased with how this design looked once it was finished. I wasn't sure if the speckled effect would be very prominent but it really does shine through. I don't think I would have been so pleased had I just used plain polish. Another twist on this would be to create a base from sponging a few different colours together, maybe adding some brights in with the pastels.  

I love this look for summer, but it would work just as well with a black top coat, so I have a few wintery colour combos in mind too!



  1. This looks great! I love how the speckled polish comes peeping through in the middle and how you used all different colours! Very fun :)

    1. Thanks Robin, we thought it was perfect for a the first Friday in Spring. So glad you like it! Been looking at your blog over the last few days, love your work!! xx

  2. These look super cute! The speckled egg collection is going on my wishlist now :)


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