Friday, 28 March 2014

Something's Fishy

Before I even discuss the motive behind these little fishies I have to talk about my new bulb! As I work a 9-5 I have to do most of my nail art in the evenings and that has led to some pretty iffy photography. When I look at other blogs I'm always jealous of their light set up. So I finally bought a daylight bulb (and my lovely boyfriend fixed the lamp we broke at New Year!) and the improvement is immense! I still need to make/buy a light box to soften the glare, but the colour of my photos are now so much more true to life and the overall look is miles better. Yay!

Moving swiftly on to nails, I was inspired to create these little fishies by Nail It Magazine. The magazine often asks readers to submit nail art based on certain themes and a few will be selected to appear in the magazine, fingers crossed. The fishy theme also reminds me of my lovely friend (and hand model) Marielle, who has just got engaged, so these work as congratulations nails too!! 

I used Models Own - True Blue as the base for this, it's such a gorgeous blue and was perfect for the little fish to swim in! The fish were super easy to draw on with a white nail art pen, although some turned out a bit wonky. I debated whether or not to add eyes, but I'm glad I did as it brought the little critters to life! I just used a small dotting tool for the eyes. 

Have you ever tried fish themed nails?




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