Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pink Fizz

So I've found a new favourite glitter, Models Own - Pink Fizz. This polish is effing amazing! I already own a few glitters from this Models Own range (shock horror!) but this is the latest addition to the family. This range is brilliant as the glitter is really dense making them pretty much opaque in two coats. The less coats needed for a glitter the better as they tend to take ages to dry (unfortunately this polish hasn't managed to escape that trend).
The colour of this polish is on the border between pale pink and rose gold and it is simply stunning. Against all my better judgement I decided to wear this as a full out, all ten nails, glitter mani. I wore it with a cream blouse, black skirt and gold studded black boots to a party last weekend. The glitter just gave my outfit that little something extra.
Sunday morning. Hangover. Ten nails of glitter to remove. It was so worth it!!

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