Monday, 10 March 2014

My Boy Lollipop

A while ago I was challenged to create some Lanzarote inspired nails. The same person subsequently challenged me to create a design inspired by sweeties. I've taken my time getting round to doing this challenge, but finally a design popped into my head. Lollipops! Everyone loves a lollipop! 

I've done a few lips designs before, but it's something I come across a lot so wanted to work on perfecting it. That's why I went for a lollipop licking design. As this is quite an usual thing to draw on my nails I thought it was best to keep it as an accent nail, and leave the others plain. Although, the other nails are painted in Models Own - Bubblegum which is an insanely bright fluoro pink, so not quite to plain! 

Emma and I were recently discussing nail art pens. We both love the Barry M pens, but I also like the option of a metal nibbed version. Unfortunately I broke my favourite one and my back up just wasn't cutting it. Emma recommended, rather surprisingly, Primark pens! I dutifully went out to buy myself some (a bargain at 3 for £2!) and this mani was my first test. I was pretty impressed with them, they flow easily without having to use too much pressure, but aren't too runny. They bizarrely smell like PVA glue, but otherwise I've got no complaints, thumbs up from us!


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