Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Models Own: Sticky Fingers

Models Own seem to have an unlimited supply of new polish ranges at the moment. We've seen three launches already this year and it's not good for my bank balance! 

There are seven polishes included in the Sticky Fingers collection, although only one of them is a new colour. I chose to test out the new colour, Green Gladiola, a gorgeous fresh spring green. Each polish comes with cute little nail stickers; POW, Pastel Petals, Blobs & Drops, Sweet Candy and Bows. I got sweeties and flowers with my bottle. 

The polishes are £6 each, so slightly more than the standard polishes, but they are included in the current 6 for £20 deal (which I took advantage of).

I chose to test out the floral stickers for you, as they go so well with the gorgeous pastel green. You get enough stickers on each sheet for two or three full manis, depending on how densely you use them. I picked out all red flowers here, but you also get some blues, yellows and pinks. 

The stickers are really easy to use, just peel them off and apply to your nail. Be aware that you need to get them in the right spot first time as once they're on you'll struggle to move them! I stuck these on before I added topcoat as I read on Flails and Nails that they don't adhere well to top coat. However, when I added topcoat over the stickers I did find that it sunk in around the edges, causing the stickers to look a bit strange. Based on these two findings, it looks like it's best to forego the top coat with this range! The stickers aren't too hard to remove as they break down with nail varnish. It does take a bit of scrubbing, but nowhere near as bad as glitter!

I must admit that I would usually draw on florals myself using a small brush, but these stickers are great for a quicker result, or if your less confident drawing flowers. 

Have you tried any of the Sticky Fingers range out yet?


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