Thursday, 6 March 2014

I Inked Myself

Polishes: Barry M 'Strawberry Ice Cream', Barry M 'Shocking Pink', Barry M 'Pink Flamingo'

How cute is this little jellyfish? I bought some new stickers (yes. I am a saddo who still buys stickers at my age!) which included this little guy so I thought I would turn him into a nail art star! So cute. It took me what seemed like a gazillion times to do this. At first I used the light pink on all my nails but accidentally smudged the accent nail when seeing if it was dry. This happened a second time (doh!) and I gave up with the light pink and switched to the hot one. Then I drew the jellyfish on but my black nail pen splodged on the eye and I had to start over. Again. Sooooo frustrating. So no, this one isn't perfect either but I really couldn't give it another go as I was beginning to lose the will to live!

Have you ever had to re-start a manicure due to "technical issues"?



  1. Ow this is too cute! He's so adorable! Stickers are great (especially stickers with awesome jellyfishes on them) so no saddo :)
    I often have to start a manicure over when I'm working with striping tape, because I just don't seem to possess the patience to actually wait until my base coat has dried before putting the tape on it, which causes the tape to just take off all my polish :/

    1. I am the worst with striping tape as I too do not have any patience. I leave those ones to Jo! Emma.x

  2. The jellyfish is so cute! You're not a saddo - nail stickers are great! Sometimes I have to start designs again because I am too impatient between coats or I put the topcoat on too quickly, so my design smudges! :)

    1. Glad to hear I'm not a saddo! Nail art takes the patience of a saint. I don't know how some people create their really intricate designs - it must take them all day. Ain't nobody got time for that! Emma.x


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