Thursday, 27 March 2014

Galaxy - Take Two

The first time I tried galaxy nails I was pretty unimpressed with the outcome. This is the second attempt, and although it's noticeably better, I'm still not content. I've seen some amazing galaxy nails around but for some reason cannot seem to master it. 

I used a variety of polishes, starting with Barry M's Black Multiglitter to give a sparkly holo base. On top of this I added Models Own Emerald City glitter and a range of blues, greens and whites. Finally I added a few hints of Models Own Hedonist, Nails Inc's Galaxy glitter and some white dots. Most of the polish was applied using the edge of an old sponge, to get the colours to blend.

I've come to the conclusion that less is more with galaxy, so I tried to simplify these from my first try. However, I think they're still too complicated. I think next time I'm going to limit myself to 3 or 4 polishes and see what I can achieve. 

Have you tried galaxy nails? Any hints or tips?



  1. These look great! I just love Galaxy Nails! I think Galaxy Nails are really hard to master too - I put off trying them out for so long! I don't think these are too complicated at all! :)

    1. Thanks. We love them too - all kinds! Next time we want to try a light background. Maybe a matte topcoat. Ooo the possibilities are endless. E&J.xx


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