Friday, 14 March 2014

Dark Horse

I am (shamefully) in love with Katy Perry's video for Dark Horse. I quite like the song so having it on repeat to create this mani wasn't too annoying. The colours in the video are amazing. I imagine they have saturated them a bit (like I did on my photograph) to make them really pop. The Egyptian theme is used in a fun way what with the cats and all so it was really easy to be inspired by the symbolism. Katy has a lot of nail art in the video but I couldn't quite see all of the different looks so copied three on my own nails and then did two designs using the symbols and colours. 
The looks in Katy's video are the gold with turquoise tips, the turquoise with thin black outline, and the black with white ankh. I chose a bright pink with gold pyramid and white with blue eye of Horus. I used an array of Barry M polishes to create the look: Turquoise, White, Black, Gold and Shocking Pink. I used my trusty Barry M nail pens to create the lines and a nail brush to paint on the eye. 

Have you been inspired by any music videos recently?




  1. These look great! The remind me so much of the video! :)

    1. Thanks! I tried to emulate the video as much as possible so it's nice to hear it worked! Emma.x


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