Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cornflower Gleam

The Models Own Hypergel collection has some absolutely stunning new shades in it. I chose Cornflower Gleam, White Light, Lilac Sheen, Pink Veneer and Naked Glow for my first haul. This mani uses all but the nude as I wanted to put them to the test!

I used Cornflower Gleam as the main colour for this design as I'm slightly in love with this shade. So much so, it turns out I already have two other, nearly identical polishes: M&S - Ultraviolet and Rimmel - Mind The Gap, Victoria. Oops! I think I need to do a polish inventory as I keep finding similars or dupes. I've started adding a sticker to the top of each polish lid so I can see the colours more easily, which is showing just how many dupes there are, I'm worried by the number of nude polishes I own!

To create the accent nail design I used a new technique starting with a white base. Onto this I drew the geometric pattern with Barry M's white nail art pen, which was only just visible but gave a framework for the design. Using the white outline I filled in the triangles with alternating colours using the smallest brush I could find. Top it all off with a generous sweep of top coat and voila! I think I'll use the white outline trick again as it made this intricate design really easy, although it was still a pretty slow process which is why I only did one nail!
Yep, I'm bringing geometrics with us into spring peeps, not giving up on this addiction just yet.



  1. This design looks great! I love the simplicity of it! The accent nail is so nice! The white outline idea sounds like a great idea - I might have to try it out! How was the formula of the hypergels? How long did they take to dry? :)

    1. Thank you! The formula was ok, they are quite thick though, so the second coat is a bit fiddly. Drying time wasn't too bad at all, very similar to the normal polishes. They dry nice and shiny too! xx


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