Thursday, 13 March 2014

Barry M - Aquarium Collection

This is the beautiful new Aquarium collection from Barry M. I don't usually get polishes as soon as they come out because I have to have a little argument with myself about whether or not I really need them. However, these I bought on Tuesday, the day before they came out (I think our local shop put them out a little early)! I don't have many metallic polishes, especially not in the bluey-green shades so I just couldn't resist. It wouldn't have been fair to split up these siblings so I felt like I had to buy them all! Yes, that's my justification and I'm sticking to it. 

The collection is made up of six polishes; three on the pinky gold side, and three bluey greens. As suggested by the collection and polish names, this group perfectly reflect a range of marine shades. Ideal for those summer holidays we're all starting to dream of!

L-R: Treasure Chest, Caspian, Mediterranean, Pacific, Arabian, Mermaid
Clockwise from top left: Pacific, Caspian, Arabian, Mediterranean
I've (rather poorly - will leave swatching to Emma in the future!) swatched the four coloured polishes for you. It's difficult to catch the colour shifts in this collection on camera. For example, Pacific has a green tinge, while Arabian has an edge of gold. The colours are rich and the formulas are smooth, although they are a little sheer, especially Caspian, which could probably benefit from 3 coats rather than the standard two. Caspian's saving grace is it's beautiful purple glow which comes from somewhere deep within it's gold base. I've found with a lot of metallic polishes (especially foil effect types) that every imperfection in your nail becomes visible through the polish as it dries. This range seems to keep its thickness as it sets, so didn't find that too be much of a problem.  

L-R: Treasure Chest, Mermaid
The glitters are formulated from mixed glitter pieces, of varying sizes and colours, suspended with a medium density in a clear base. Mermaid (my fave) is made up of royal blue and dark turquoise with hints of gold. Treasure Chest is a mixture of gold and dusty pink which goes perfectly with Caspian - expect to see a combo of these two! 

Barry M have kindly offered to send us a set to put to the test (damn my impatience buying them early!), so Emma will soon have the whole range too, and I'm sure she'll let you know her opinion of them. We'll also be working them into some nail art I'm sure, so keep an eye out for these shimmering shades!
What do you think of Barry M's new collection? Will you be heading out to buy any of them?



  1. I think your swatches look great! Pacific is definitely my favourite from this collection, I'll have to pick it up now! The mermaid scales on the bottle caps are so cute too! It's great that you and Emma will have a set each - you'll have twice the amount of polish! I can't wait to see the nail art you come up with! :)

    1. We are very lucky girls indeed! We can't wait to produce lots of nail art with this collection. Some of the shades may not be for every day but we reckon there's plenty of fab designs to be created from them. The mermaid caps are inspirational in themselves! E&J.xx


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