Friday, 7 March 2014

Ana Sender Nail Inspo

Emma or I pinned this print onto our 'We Heart Inspiration' board on Pinterest a while ago. The print is from a lovely Spanish blog called Ana Sender. I loved the messy geometric style of it, and the simple monochrome colour theme with a splash of fresh mint.

This has been on my nail art to do list for a while and I finally got round to doing it. It took a little longer than I had expected as there were so many triangles to draw, however it wasn't that hard to do so the time flew by.

I started with two coats of Models Own HyperGel - White Light. This is a great white and fully opaque in two coats. The HyperGel colours are gorgeous and the finish is super shiny. The only hesitation I have about them is the same as all gel  effect polishes, the formula is thicker and can therefore be a little bit harder to work with, meaning I have to concentrate more on getting it right first time!!

I painted the tiny black triangles on with the tip of a small brush. At this point I was very glad the original print was a bit messy as it meant I didn't have to get them all perfectly straight and equal! I spaced out the triangles in the same way I do polka dots, making sure to leave enough room for the outlines.
For the outlines I used another Models Own polish - Top Turquoise. I was tempted to use a lighter mint colour as in the print, but I knew the white background would lighten the shade and was worried that a pastel mint would get a bit lost in the sea of white. Whilst painting the outlines I was glad to see my suspicions had been correct and the turquoise was appearing lighter and very close to the shade of the original print. Again I used a small brush to add on the outlines, and neatened up any errors with a white nail art pen at the end. A little secret - the Barry M nail art pens are wonderful for covering any errors or neatening things up, I use the white almost like tippex!!
I'm a bit sad that this photo came out so poorly as I love this design and it is definitely one of the best I've done recently. The pattern translates perfectly across into nail art and I hope it's one I'll get to do again. I'm thinking of mixing up the outline colours a bit, maybe some super bright neons when we get to summer!


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