Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Load Of Waffle

Last week I saw my first cherry blossom of spring, the sun was out, it was perfect. Of course that was until 7pm rolled around and the heavens opened just as I stepped onto a netball court, typical!! Anyway, spring is officially on its way woohoo! To celebrate I reached for two of my favourite pastels and set to work.

The two polishes I have used here are Blueberry Muffin and Apple Pie, both part of the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection. The collection which strangely claims to be scented, but is defo not! I struggle to choose between the Fruit Pastel range and Barry M's super beautiful Ice Cream pastel collection. You'll be seeing both a lot on here over the coming months so feel free to get excited!

I have to admit that I painted the base before I had a clue what design to put on top. Usually this tactic ends badly for me and I regret it. Thankfully, this time I was pretty pleased with the outcome! I chose to add a waffle design on to the blue and green pastels using a Barry M nail art pen. I used a nail art pen instead of a striping brush as I wanted that slightly uneven, almost vintage, feel, rather than just a white grid! 

The design reminds me a lot of some of Boom Nails creations so I assume this idea was inspired by Emma somewhere in my brain! 

Unfortunately when I painted these I didn't have access to my usual light set up, so the photo leaves a little to be desired, and doesn't really do the nails justice. 

What nail art do you have planned for spring?



  1. This design is really cute! Spring makes me just want to paint loads of flowers and pastel colours :)

    1. Thanks Emily!! We're the same, can't seem to stop ourselves! xx


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