Sunday, 16 February 2014

She Sells Sea Shells

Ultra Violet*, Cocktail Passion, Reggae Splash, Peppermint
When the boyf and I went travelling he managed to pick up shells from just bout every beach we visited. Now, I love shells but I really didn't like the idea of carrying them around in my backpack for four months. I am glad he persevered though as the shells are now sat in my bathroom looking all pretty and reminding me of happier times when life was carefree and warm.

Jo and I won a load of Rimmel goodies around Christmas time including the amazing 'Ultra Violet' shade from their Salon Pro range.   This wasn't my first Salon Pro polish as I went a bit crazy last summer and picked up three beautiful shades: Cocktail Passion, Reggae Splash, and Peppermint. I love the formula of these polishes - nails are opaque pretty much after one coat but I always do two to even things out. The wide, flat brush really makes a difference to application as well making it really easy to get good, even coverage. 
When put together the colours looked super summery and I just couldn't resist drawing some little white shells on to complete the look. To draw the shells I used Barry M's white and black nail pens; I drew the white shapes first and then outlined in black. All shells were drawn using my own little collection as inspiration. 




  1. Aww these shells are so cute and such a great memory too! The Rimmel Salon pro range looks great - I haven't tried any of them but these colour look so summery! I love the shells you've drawn on too! :)

    1. Thank you!! We love the range, such good formulas and bright colours, and as you know we love bright!! xx


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