Friday, 7 February 2014

Nail Art Feb: XOXO

The third #nailartfeb challenge had me stumped at first. I tried to do a Gossip Girl look but it was a massive nail fail. I would put it on here to show you but it was a bit too horrific! Instead I opted for a mix and match pastel number. What could go wrong? Well my trusty Seche top coat could decide to smudge my polish for the first time in its life but other than that, all went well!

I am looking forward to seeing other variations on this theme as I found it tricky trying to come up with an original design. 




  1. These look amazing! I love the fun mix of colors, and all the designs match together really well :)

    1. Thanks Lucy! The colours are a bit summery but we just can't wait! E&J.xx


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