Monday, 17 February 2014

Nail Art Feb: Studs

Today we have another #nailartfeb design - studs! I don't use studs a lot, but have decided that I should do more. I need to invest in a few different types, especially the spiky scary looking ones!

For this design I used two coats of Models Own - True Blue. It's a lovely shade of dark blue, but not quite a navy. It's a great colour for winter as it's dark, but also rich with colour, and goes very nicely with gold. I added the studs when the polish was still wet so I didn't need to use nail glue. To secure these studs I added a thin layer of top coat.

I think this design would have worked better with square studs, and also if I'd managed to get them in a straight line! 



  1. These looks great! I really like the studs - I think I need to use mine more often! I love the base colour too - it's such a nice blue! :)

    1. We love how these turned out - definitely need to start using more studs. The blue is perfect too - highly recommended. Sometimes navy is just a tad too dark. E&J.xx


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