Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nail Art Feb: Simple

Today's #nailartfeb design is 'Simple' so naturally I elected a geometric design. Geometric shapes are beautiful for their simplicity and I'm always amazed by how impressive such simple designs turn out. 

For this geometric pattern I used two colours Barry M - White and Models Own - Hedonist. Hedonist is a super bright polish, bordering on fluoro, especially when used on top of a white base. This pair of colours reminds me of summer and festivals! I'm a little bit sad that the true fluoro glow of this polish doesn't come out on the camera. Trust me I tried everything to show that it's a bright, bold coral, not a flat orange shade. Emma has some swatches of it coming up soon so I'm hoping she will have better luck! 

To get the sharp angles and clean edges you need in geometric designs I used striping tape to outline the triangles before filling them in with Hedonist using a small brush. Striping tape is the best thing since sliced bread for someone with a bit of a thing for geometry! 

I've got a few more geometric designs forming in the back of my mind, so hoping to have some more for you again soon. Of course that's if I don't pack it all in and just paint unicorn nails for the rest of my days, can't get over how cute they turned out!!



  1. I love the simplicity of this, it works so well! The orange triangles really stand out too! :)

    1. Sometimes the simple designs are the most effective! The coral is insanely bright - we truly recommend it to brighten up your nails. E&J.xx

  2. This looks great, I love the simplicity of this! Also, I honestly wouldn't mind if you did unicorn designs for the rest of your life haha, they were too cute! Oh and I just saw you made a Tumblr as well! (hurrah for Tumblr) :)

    1. Thanks Robin! Maybe that's a new side project we could start - a unicorn nail a day... And yes we just got a Tumblr. It's a bit new at the moment but we're really getting into it! E&J.xx

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