Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nail Art Feb: Pastel

I chose to try my hand at a gradient for the pastel day of the #nailartfeb challenge. Jo is a pro at the gradient (she has even done a tutorial for y'all) but I am most definitely a novice. However, I was pleased overall with the way these turned out. The only nail which didn't turn out too well was the mint green/blue. It looks like one shade rather than a gradient which is a bit annoying. 

I think my downfall is that I am not patient enough as I did not wait for my base colour to dry 100%. I also do not like having to clean up my nails after a mani so tried to create the look with no mess round my skin. This was pretty much impossible so by the time I got to my pinkie there was polish all over my finger! 
I preferred this mani when I used a glitter top coat. I think it added a bit of interest and disguised the fact that the gradients weren't perfect. I think it might have looked even better with a black and white confetti top coat. Maybe next time. 

I can't wait to see everybody else's pastel manis for this challenge. There's not much I enjoy more than a pastel nail polish! 




  1. I love the pastel gradient! The colours work so well together! I think the glitter topcoat makes the design stand out too! I think a black and white glitter topcoat would have looked just as good! What glitter polish did you use by the way? - it's so nice! :)

    1. Thanks! The glitter is called 'Silver Frost' and was part of a range by Disney and H&M. It is really pretty but I don't know if you can get it any more:( E&J.xx


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