Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nail Art Feb: Hearts

I got the idea for these nails from a picture that Emma pinned to our Nail Art board on Pinterest. I was really please to find the original creator after lots of searching - @carlysisoka. Using a stencil cut out of sellotape is a great way to get a uniform shape on each nail, and it's super speedy! To ensure that each heart was the same size, I cut a stencil based on my smallest nail, the pinky. A little trick I used was to fold the tape in half and cut out the heart along the fold, ensuring each half was identical! 

As always you must must must wait until your base colour is fully dry before applying the sellotape stencil. If you don't do this the tape will pull up the polish and ruin your mani. Once in place just dab the polish on gently using a sponge and peel off the stencil. Try to apply a thin layer of polish to avoid it running or smudging, you can always add a few coats for a more opaque look. 

Both polishes used in this mani are Barry M - White and Pink Flamingo. I had to use three coats of white to make it completely opaque, which meant I had to wait a bit longer than anticipated for it to fully dry. To speed up the process I added a thin layer of fast dry topcoat! 

Are you lucky in love or still looking for 'The One'?



  1. These look super cute, I love the look of the sponged Barry M polish! I tried the stencil technique, but mine didn't turn out nearly as well as yours :)

    1. We're sure yours turned out just fine; your nail art is great! Practise makes perfect with stencils. And patience. Lots of patience! E&J.xx

  2. Such a supercute design :) i definitely have to try that

    1. Thank you! Be sure to show us if you choose to try it, we'd love to see. E&J.xx


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