Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mythical Mani

I Scream Nails are an Aussie based pop up nail salon with a serious love of all things colourful. I'm always mesmerised by their designs - I mean, pugs with googly eyes, come on that's incredible!! 

I've been wanting to try one of their designs for a little while and finally decided to give it a go. I chose this awesome smiling unicorn head (who doesn't love unicorns right?!) and adapted the original a little to include a flowing mane. To complete the mani I added cute little white polka dots.

The base for this is Rimmel - Mary Mary Quite Contrary, a gorgeous super pale lilac. It's quite a sheer polish so I needed to use three coats to make it opaque, it dries quick though so it wasn't an issue. The white, pink, green and yellow are all Barry M shades along with the black nail art pen.

I absolutely love how this came out! Thanks I Scream Nails - I will definitely be getting inspiration from your wonderful designs again! 

What's your favourite mythical creature?



  1. So cute! I love the bright coloured mane, it's so cheerful! Unicorns are definitely in my top of mythical creatures - along with dragons because those are just really awesome :D

    1. Oooo dragons are good too! Might have to do one of those next:) E&J.xx

  2. Amazing! These are great; I need to check out I Scream Nails asap:)

    1. You should most definitely check them out - they are amazing. We are a little bit obsessed! E&J.xx


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