Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lucky Cat Nails

Jo WhatsApped me a pic of a beckoning cat nail by @prettylittlenails and within about two minutes I created this look. I think she sent it to me knowing that I am a crazy cat lady who would waste no time in coming up with my own version. She may also have sent it to me because of this photo: 

I was so happy when I saw this human-sized beckoning cat in Soho. It's outside a shop that sells about a million different varieties of lucky cats. I know what you're thinking - Best. Shop. EVER! I actually bought a gold lucky cat a few years ago which my boyfriend hates. I don't care though because I adore it! As well as bringing good luck they are just so darn cute. How could you not love the lucky cat? I used Barry M's Prickly Pear as the background colour to this mani. The cat was created using Barry M nail pens in black and white as well as a small nail art brush with my red polish. 
Who else is a fan of the lucky cat?


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