Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love Is All Around

I have very nearly had just about all I can take of Valentine's nail art for this year. Nearly. Here's what I will be wearing on my nails this Friday. A little homage to the boyf (sorry Jo, the J isn't for you!) for putting up with me for ten years and the never-ending smell of nail polish for maybe the past two. 

The problem I have found with all of the nail art at this time of year is that it's a bit moreish. Once you see one heart design you want another and then another until this happens:
It kind of makes me want to be sick! I had so badly wanted to do an anti-Valentine's mani as well but I got well and truly sucked in to a pink and red vortex. Sorry! 

What will you be wearing on your tips this V-Day?




  1. Great design - it's so cute! I love the wheel of designs you've created too! The rose tip on the red metallic base is such a great idea! :)

    1. Thanks! Got a bit carried away with the wheel. That specific design is one of Jo's. She used it in an early post with different colours. We love your lilac mani with little heart studs - so pretty! Emma.xx


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