Saturday, 1 February 2014

February Nail Art Challenge

Emma and I have decided to take part in February's Nail Art Challenge by Californails! There are lots of nail art challenges floating about, but we chose this one as there are only 11 specified days, leaving us free to choose our own designs for the rest of the month. Sporadically throughout the month you will see posts relating to the topics outlined by Californails. We have chosen to do this to challenge ourselves, and create designs which we may not have tried otherwise. Hope you enjoy seeing our results!!

Day #1: Glitter 
If you saw my birthday post earlier this week you will not be surprised to see Models Own Emerald City making a repeat appearance. This is a new polish (thanks Lau!) and I am absolutely in love with it!! The colour is a rich turquoise and the glitter is dense and super sparkly. The formula is thick, as with most glitters, but easy to work with, and relatively quick drying. 

I thought about pairing Emerald City with a few different colours, but in the end I couldn't help but use Apple Pie as a base colour. These two polishes must have been made with each other in mind. The pale green Apple Pie lends itself perfectly to the dark, rich Emerald City - a match made in heaven!


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