Monday, 24 February 2014

Fading Southern Lights

I love Models Own - Southern Lights and haven't used it for a while, so when I had the urge for a quick glitter fade it was the first polish I reached for. It's so sparkly!! The way the holo glitter pieces catch the light is completely mesmerising, this is definitely a distracting mani! One drawback is that the formula is quite thick, meaning that if you use it with Seche you are likely to get shrinkage. To avoid this I used the thinnest coats possible and layered them up to my preferred glitter density. 

The base colour is Rimmel - Little Bo Peep which is an absolutely gorgeous pale grey. This shade is perfect for the transition between winter and spring.

I usually do glitter fades with darker polishes so it was nice to do a lighter version. I love the wintery effect of the blues and greys, they remind me of the skiing holiday I already wish I was back on!! Although we've already started on our spring nail inspiration it's still only February so thought we'd throw in some frosty nails for you!




  1. This is stunning! I love this lighter version of a glitter fade! Your glitter fades are always really good, I can never get them to turn out as good as yours :/

    1. Thanks! It just takes a little bit of practise to get the best fade. Start off with a small amount of glitter and build it up. You'll get there!!E&J.xx


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