Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trafalgar Crescents

Unsurprisingly I couldn't wait very long to test out my new silver glitter, Trafalgar Crescent, from the Nails Inc Galaxy collection. Despite wanting a silver glitter for ages I struggled to come up with a design which wasn't just a glitter fade. Eventually I took inspiration from the polish name and went for sparkly silver crescents!

I chose Rimmel's Mind The Gap, Victoria as the main colour as Trafalgar Crescent has a slight purpley blue tinge to it so they work really well together. I painted the crescents on top of the blue freehand using a small brush, which is why they are a bit uneven. Next time I think I will use some kind of tape to make them more uniform. 

I love how the silver pops out really well against the blue. Glitter crescents are great to add a bit of sparkle to your mani without going full glitter. 


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  1. Oooh this combination looks so nice! I love the look of Trafalgar Crescent! I always have that problem too - I buy a new polish and then don't know what design to do with it!


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