Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Raspberry Leopard

The inspiration!
Inspiration comes from all over the place, you never know when you are going to see something which will spark your imagination. Not just nail designs, but thoughts, ideas and other projects! Today's post was dreamed up in the office, inspired by a colleagues rather lovely scarf. A bold leopard print, trimmed with a rich raspberry edge, gorgeous! I borrowed it for a little while to take a few piccies, and seriously contemplated 'forgetting' to return it. 

A leopard and fade pairing never fails, but this was a colour combo I may not have thought up on my own. To highlight the raspberry tips I decided to fade out the leopard print about half way up the nail. 

The colours I used here are Models Own Nude Beige and Barry M Raspberry. The leopard was done with a nail art pen, it's such a versatile pattern and really easy to do. Animal print is not uniform so if it's a little messy it just adds to the effect!

Mixing different patterns or nail styles is a great way to create new and exciting designs from things you already know! What designs would you put together?


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  1. This design look so nice! I love the inspiration you've used and your design looks just like the original! :)


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