Tuesday, 28 January 2014

It's My Birthday!

No birthday would be complete without a special set of birthday nails! I decided to treat myself by creating a design inspired by one of my favourite nail artists, Emily (aka The Pretty Nails). As I've got short little nails a lot of Emily's designs don't really work, but I tried my best. I took inspiration from various manis on Instagram - check her out, absolutely amazing! Unsurprisingly I used, Models Own, one of my favourite polish brands to complete the look.

The polishes are all from my new set - a birthday present from my lovely sister! I couldn't wait to test them out but I wasn't allowed to use them until my birthday!! I got six new colours (clockwise from top) - Hedonist, True Blue, Top Turquoise, Emerald City, Apple Pie and Cloud 9. I've been looking for a good coral for ages and Hedonist is awesome, you'll see a lot of it this summer! I got Apple Pie as Emma has it and I was jealous. The others were just too pretty to resist. I've got lots of mani ideas for them so get ready to see plenty of turquoise based manis!!

Overall I can't decide if I'm sure on these nails. Individually I love all the designs, but as a mix and match it's a bit nuts - although I reckon I can get away with that on my birthday! I especially like how the middle finger glitter stripes came out, I hadn't tried this before so wasn't sure what would happen. It was a bit fiddly as it's harder to use striping tape with glitter, but once finished and topped with Seche I was very pleased. Emerald City is such a gorgeous glitter, I can't wait to use it more. I'm also pretty happy with my fade, although it could be a little more contrasting. Definitely feel like I'm getting better at blending fades the more I practice.

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Tuesday to all of you lovely peeps!


P.S. Sorry for the self-indulgent post, it will only happen once a year, promise...


  1. I love the middle finger the best! Happy birthday Jo :D

  2. Happy Birthday! This is such a great present from your sister! You are so lucky! Apple Pie is such a gorgeous shade - one of my favourites! I think the mix works really well! I really like the fade - it works so well with the leopard print and the glitter stripes are so neat! Which nail polishes did you use for the fade? (I'm guessing you used Apple Pie but I'm not really sure which others you used!) :)


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