Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! Today marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse and what better way to celebrate than giving our lovely readers two blog posts?! I was reading up on the year I was born in - Year of the Ox - on Psychic Revelation  as I love that kind of thing. It was pretty accurate although it said I would make a good wife as I "will iron your clothing like your mother once did, never forgetting to fold the newspaper on your desk, and will make you delicious breakfasts. She will be very neat and always punctual." Any of you who know me will find this hilarious as I don't iron anything, I rarely cook, and I am almost always late. However, for the most part I am an ox!

For my nails today I took inspiration from this pic on Etsy. I love Chinese art, especially the blossom trees. They are so delicate and pretty. To translate onto my nails I used my fave shade - Models Own Utopia - for the base and then drew on some branches and dotted on some pretty pink blossoms. Easy peasy! 
How will you be celebrating the Chinese New Year?




  1. This is stunning! I love Cherry Blossom Nails and yours look just like the picture! :)

    1. Thanks! We love Cherry Blossom nails too. There were so many colour options we could have gone for but can't resist a bit of pink! E&J.xx


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