Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fun in Frankfurt

I went on a short trip to Germany between Christmas and New Year, and due to some travel complications ended up with a spare 8 hours or so at Frankfurt Airport. Instead of reenacting 'The Terminal' the boyf and I decided to venture into Frankfurt City Centre. The city dates back to the Medieval era but unfortunately much of the old town was destroyed during WW2 and replaced by modern buildings. Purely by accident we stumbled into Römerberg plaza which is home to the grand Römer City Hall and framed by impressive middle-age style buildings (mostly reconstructions).
Römerberg Plaza - Left: Römer City Hall, Right: Middle-age style buildings
These intricate buildings are full of patterns and I couldn't resist seeing how they would translate across to nail art. I chose a monochrome colour scheme to add a little Tudor influence into the mix as well. My favourite nails are the thumb and ring finger as these came out best and would work well mixed into other manis. I love the scalloped edge of the ring finger combined with the straight lines, this has inspired me to try some other scalloped designs so watch this space!

Can you pick out the inspiration for each nail from the buildings above?


  1. These buildings look great and have worked really well on your nails too! I love the buildings in Germany, they have a way of being modern and traditional at the same time! You were so lucky to have a few hours to spare there! :)

    1. Thanks! Who knew that buildings could translate onto nails? Germany is a beautiful country, perhaps we'll look there for inspo again! E&J.xx


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