Friday, 24 January 2014

Cappuccino Sparkles

One of my Christmas presents was a Barry M & Superdrug Limited Edition holo glitter polish. It is absolutely beautiful! I have been trying to work it into nail art projects for a while, but in the end chose to go for full on coverage. In the bottle the polish appears to have a pink tinge so I wasn't sure what to pair it with, but once on it seems to lose that and the base is clear.
I paired the glitter with Barry M Cappuccino, a subtle purpley-mushroom colour. This helped to tone down the glitter a little and make it look less Barbie-esque!

As it's difficult to capture the full effects of glitter on camera I have included a close up macro shot. This highlights the beautiful multicoloured holographic glitter pieces and how well they catch the light. It's absolutley mesmerizing! I quite like the uniform size and shape of the glitter pieces and that it's easy to get an even spread across your nail. Often glitter formulas can be thick and difficult to work with but this one is pretty light in comparison. When touching up I didn't end up with a sticky mess! 
I'm thinking of including this in leopard print and galaxy designs. What other colours or designs would you use this glitter with?

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