Sunday, 12 January 2014

Artist Inspo: Cesar Manrique

As you know, we love finding inspiration for our nail art from all sorts of places. When were challenged by Casa Olivina to create a Lanzarote-inspired mani we immediately turned to the work of Lanzarote-born artist and architect Cesar Manrique. 

I first experienced his work when I visited Lanzarote with the boyf a few years back. Manrique is somewhat of a local hero on the island and his work is everywhere, from landmark signs to deep blue pools! He was also influential in passing planning restrictions which ensured tourism developments were sympathetic to the natural environment (we love this!). Restrictions limited the height of buildings and even specified that the exteriors must be painted in traditional colours. This is pretty ironic as Manrique is known for his love of colour. Most of his work is bright, using a wide range of colours with an almost Picasso-esque style. You can read more about him and see his work here.

I took my inspiration from a Manrique's BMW Art Car pictured above. I used the main style of the car for my primary inspiration, with the eyes on the wing mirrors as accent nails. To create this mani I started with a white base coat and painted the coloured sections on with a small brush and nail art pens. It was tricky to get sharp lines and neat angles, I think I need an even smaller, more precise brush! 

The colours I used were Barry M: Bright Red, Black, Cyan Blue, Limited Edition Green, Matt White, and Rimmel: Ultra Violet. 

Which artists do you get nail art inspo from?



  1. I get inspiration from my cats! Here are my tabby nails:

    1. Awh they are really cute, thanks for sharing! x

  2. Replies
    1. Oh my goodness! I love cats! Watch this space, I have a few cat designs up my sleeve. E.x

    2. As you can tell, I love cats too!!! I don´t do cool freehand art like yourself, but I like using nail transfers and whenever I find cat nail stickers I snap them up without hesitation. These one I got in Tokyo a few years back, they´re really cute. :)


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