Monday, 16 December 2013

This is a story all about how my life got twist turned upside down

Everyone loves the occasional OTT mani and when my friend Lucy asked if I could do her nails for a 90s hip hop themed Christmas party I knew this would be one of them! Lucy is actually the person who first introduced me to nail art by taking me to WAH Nails. One WAH mani and I was hooked!

The mood boards
I was very glad when Lucy produced a couple of mood boards filled with ideas as I'm not exactly overloaded with knowledge on 90s hip hop! We didn't bother with any kind of colour theme just the brighter the better. 

The end result was a total mashup of fades, glitter, leopard, slime, aliens, diamonds, dollars and our fave, RUN DMC. I was a bit nervous to try the RUN DMC nail as it's such an iconic logo but it turned out really well. I also love the Adidas logo but this would have been better on a wider nail as it's a bit skinny!

The finished mani
This mani was great fun to do and gave me a chance to try out some new things, thanks Lucy!!

What theme was your Christmas party?


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