Friday, 6 December 2013

Naval Base

At this time of year I love wearing navy nail polish. It's a wintry shade that goes with my muted seasonal wardrobe without being quite as harsh as black. I own three navy polishes: Models Own 'In the Navy', Chanel 'Blue Satin', and H&M 'Midnight Mystery'.
I didn't realise quite how similar all of the shades were until I swatched them the other day. However, there are subtle differences which would not come out in the photos. 'In the Navy' is a true navy creme finish. 'Blue Satin' is similarly a dark navy but it has a very subtle hint of shimmer which is so beautiful. I used to really hate shimmer polishes until I bought a few Chanel shades which are just so subtle I couldn't help but fall in love! 'Midnight Mystery' is a slightly lighter navy polish. It has no shimmer and is a nice alternative to my darker shades. 
The easiest way to update any nail polish look is to pop on an interesting top coat. I tried out three different top coats over my navy shades for pretty but different wintry looks:
1. 'Blue Satin' Chanel and 'Silver Frost' H&M/Disney
2. 'In the Navy' Models Own and 'Chalk Dust' Maybelline 
3. 'Midnight Mystery' H&M and Rimmel Matte Top Coat
I really liked the way the matte effect worked on this shade. Classic. 

What are your go-to winter shades?



  1. OK now I really want to go out and buy myself a navy polish!

    1. DO IT!!! Such a good shade for winter. Love your Xmas tree nails! xxx


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