Thursday, 26 December 2013

DIY Indie Nails

There is a vast amount of indie nail polish available on Etsy, so much so, I've never known which ones to try. Emma and I have been talking about how cute they are and are considering reviewing a few to see what the formula is like. I can't really believe that people make such high quality polishes at home! A lot of indie polish is glitter filled and has an almost milky effect. I really love the bright colours and unusual combinations you can find, Happy Hands even created a yellow and white polish called 'Mayonegg'!

I got the idea for a DIY indie polish mani from @nailsbyjosse on Instagram. Josse layered up a few polishes to get a similar milky glittery effect and it looked great. For my version I used Barry M's Matt White and Pink Sapphire Glitter, topped with Rimmel's sheer Princess Pink. You can use any colour combo to create this look, but make sure you use a sheer polish for the top coat so you can see the glitter through it.

Step 1 - Base coat of a bright matt colour
Step 2 - Layer of glitter polish
Step 3 - Top coat of sheer polish which will show the glitter through

Do you have any indie polishes? If so, which brands would you recommend? Definitely want to try some out, but want to make sure we go for the best!

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