Monday, 4 November 2013

Stripes and Sparkles

I finally got round to buying some striping tape after jealously admiring tape manis for months. Unfortunately I managed to order it from China so had to wait ages for it to arrive, I'd nearly given up hope! I ordered a selection of colours, but that's largely irrelevant as I didn't have any plans to leave the tape on my nails. My plan was to use it as a colour blocker to create geometric patterns.

For my first mani I just wanted to play around with the tape and see what I could create. I decided to use Nail Art UK - Powder Puff Pink as the primary colour, with accents of baby blue and glitter. I painted on the blue and glitter first, waited for them to fully dry, and then applied the tape. Once I had the tape arranged as I wanted I painted over the top with the pink polish. Before the pink dried I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal the colour below. If you try this, make sure you remember what order you stuck the tape on, so you can reverse this when removing it!

I'm pleased with my first attempt, and how well the striping tape worked. It's not super sticky so didn't pull up the base polish at all. Also, it wasn't as fiddly as I was expecting, but I wasn't too worried about the pattern being perfect this time.

Next time I think I'm going to try some kind of fade underneath a neutral top colour. I also like the idea of neons poking through a nude top coat! A perfect way to bring your brights into the winter. 



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