Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rock and Roll Heart

I did this mani a little while ago but thought I'd share with you all as it's quite nice for the winter months. My style is quite grungy and whilst I love having pretty nails a lot of the time, I also like having designs with a bit more "edge" to suit my clothes. 

For this look I used different textures and finishes (matte, gloss, crackle) with a basic palette of white, black, red, and nude. As this was done a while ago I can see ways that I would improve it but at the time I was pleased with the outcome. I might do an updated version of this soon and pop some pics on Instagram and Twitter so you can see how practice really does make perfect(ish). 

I predominantly used Barry M polishes for this look as they apply well and have a good drying time which is essential for me when doing a bit of nail art as I am super impatient. The two nail art pens are from Primark. They have fine nibs and striping brushes and they're OK for about the first ten uses and then they turn to a gloopy mess which is to be expected when you pay £2 for two. 

After creating the mani I got a little bit carried away with designs. I don't usually like crackle top coats but I quite like the white on white and black on black; they create a nice textured finish without looking tack-tastic! My fave designs are the cross and the leopard - classic, simple, but effective. 

How do you put your personal style into your nails?


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