Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Make Mine a Mint

Soooo I may have a little addiction to mint nail polish. It seems to be raging out of control actually. I have even more than are in the pic too as I picked up a couple the other day - eek! I just love all varieties for a muted but fun colour-pop throughout the year. 

Here are the shades: 1. Barry M Gelly-Greenberry 2. H&M-Matte Green 3. Bourjois-Amande de File 4. MUA-Pistachio Ice Cream 5. H&M/Disney-On Ice 6. Models Own-Apple Pie 7. Barry M-Mint Green 8. Rimmel Salon Pro-Peppermint 9. H&M-Mint Madness 10. L'Oreal-Perle de Jade 11. Topshop-Gone Fishing 12. H&M-Metallic Green 13. Primark - (no name) 14. Barry M Textured-Ridley Road 15. Models Own-Jade Stone

And here are my faves. I think my all time favourite is L'Oreal's Perle de Jade. It is just the most beautiful shade of mint. It is subtle yet pretty with a very faint hint of shimmer. I love it!

Are any of you mint polish addicts? I know that Jo is, she has two mint manis so far on this blog: here and here



  1. I love mint nail polish! I'm thinking of expanding my collection of them, I only have a few. Max Factor Cool Jade is a great mint colour too, I think I'm gonna have to buy Jade Stone - it looks so nice! :)

    1. Jade stone is really beautiful. It's a true jade colour. You can get it like I did in the Artstix duo with Snowflakes or on its own. Checking out that Max Factor shade right now! E.xx

    2. Oooh, think I'm gonna get it! Haha, let me know if you get it - it's so nice! :)


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