Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Now a fully fledged member of 'the real world', in a past life I donned my neon headband (a genuine 80's number handed down by my older sister) and joined a band of Seasonnaires headed for winter in the Alps. Always a keen skier it was this season that cemented my love for the mountains. Something you cannot fully appreciate on a yearly holiday is the power of the astounding beauty the mountains can offer. I cannot describe the feeling, when you are running on empty, on the verge of throwing in the towel and most probably hungover, that is instilled by the sight of sunrise, illuminating the snow caps in a soft pink glow.
A pretty rubbish photo of sunrise
Possibly one of the most beautiful and mesmerising sights the mountains have ever offered me was presented on a cold (we're talking around minus 14 degrees), clear, still day when the air seemed to fill with millions of ice crystals. It was as if someone had filled the air with the finest glitter imaginable and unlike anything I have ever seen. Everywhere you looked the air sparkled. It was this sight that inspired today's ice themed mani.

For this mani I used three Models Own polishes. I started with a thin base of pale Blueberry Muffin. Then a coat of super sparkly holo glitter Southern Lights. Finally, a bit of extra sparkle from Snowflakes. I love how glittery this mani is, and the icy look is perfect for winter!
Snowflakes, Blueberry Muffin, Southern Lights

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